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Hero Hall is something inspiring to us here at Resources Exchange Association ” REA”. Every picture we receive goes into our ” tool building” as a reminder to NEVER lose focus on the vision we have for this program. To see the smiles makes this ALL WORTH IT.

Hero Hall Gallery


I can’t thank you enough. If tears were hugs you’d be squeezed to pieces. Thank you. You’re awesome. Tell everyone thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an angel on this earth.

I think your tools might of saved my husband. He doesn't think anybody cares and you showed him different and I thank you so much

Hey Stephen
Only if there was a camera
You would the joy, the smiles and the pure excitement
I am so elated
So long I wanted a tool kit
But just couldn't afford one
Now I have one courtesy of your awesome organization
Please included me in your testimony so I can spread it to the world of how awesome this veteran's organization is. Thank you sooooo much

Edmond W. McDonald

Hello, My husband was a Marine from 2007-2011. He deployed in 2010 to Hellmand Province Afghanistan. He came home with PTSD and also sustained a back injury. He needs an assisted device to be able to move around on a daily basis due to a "seizure disorder" that he also came home with. He is only 27 yrs old and has a terrible memory. He has 2-3 seizures weekly whether they be the Grand Mal seizures or absence seizures. He never gives up hope and continues to strive on. I have been working on getting him diagnosed with a TBI since he got out because he did have a sucide bomber at the gates and he cant remember his deployment after that event. It is a daily struggle for him and he does go through depressive states. I know that the toolbox would brighten his day and show him that he is still thought of and not forgotten.