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REAch Wounded Veterans' Program

REAch is a Wounded Veterans’ Program of Resources Exchange Association (REA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, started by our Founder/CEO and WWII POW/Veteran, Mr. “Bud” Shepherd.

REAch ships fully loaded toolboxes to post 9/11 combat wounded veterans free of charge as an HONOR gift. Although Purple Heart recipients receive priority on our shipping list, our mission is to ship toolboxes to every qualified veteran listed. Each toolbox is filled with up to $500 worth of quality hand tools.

For over 7 years, REA has honored more than 8,000 combat wounded veterans with fully loaded toolbox; however, our list of qualified recipients continues to grow each day. It is for this reason, we need more product donations from corporate America. It is for this reason, we must continue to solicit corporate America for their excess and surplus inventory on behalf of this nationally recognized veteran’s honors program.

Once the Wounded Veteran receives his/her toolbox, there is but one additional thing required: that is to help us REAch another qualified Wounded Veteran. Our goal of “Each One REAch One” is designed to help spread the word to all our fellow brothers and sisters wounded in service to our country.

Additionally, we at REA would be most appreciative if each wounded veteran would be willing to provide REA with a picture of him/herself with their donated toolbox. We will continue to honor each wounded veteran, – you are our hero!